M200 Reviews? Weedless propellers, myth or reality?

At work we have a USV that has today two T200’s mounted for propulsion. As we are often using the boat in shallow environments, harbors, rivers, etc. we often have problems with the thrusters getting fouled with seagrass, plastic, etc.

I just recently saw that there is now a M200. I have already ordered a pair but was hoping to get some reviews from those that have already been using them. Do you notice a big difference when it comes to how well they handle seagrass, etc.?

Hi @DLE_Marcon, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I imagine your components will have arrived by now, but just to respond to your question, our Weedless Propeller was specifically designed to reduce motor fouling when travelling through seagrass and the like, and should have substantially better performance in that regard when compared to our standard shrouded thrusters (especially if they’re being used without some kind of guard).

It’s perhaps worth noting that the keels of the BlueBoat hulls also help to deflect some seagrass before it even gets to the propeller region, which may be worth considering as a potential feature for your USV design, if it’s not already part of it :slight_smile:

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