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M100 Brushless Motor


Hi, there. I have a question, what is the minimum RPM that can be used with PWM?
And if you show me an example in programming, it would be more helpful.

Thanks :^)

(Anthony White) #2

Hi -
M100s will run at fairly low rpms, ~1000 or so, but with very low torque at these speeds. Depending on how you’ve loaded the motor (propeller size or whatever load) this minimum rpm will correspond to a different PWM throttle signal point. If your application needs higher torque, fine control, consider researching brushless gimbal motors. They can have marginally higher torque, and significantly lower rpm operation - they are wound to have very low KV values, and controlled with an ESC using a non-feedback based electrical control scheme.

If you’re driving the motor with an arduino, use the servo library and consider a for loop that increases the throttle microseconds from 1500 in 5 or 10 increments to the max 2000,
while printing this value (servo.writeMicroseconds(uS)) . When your motor starts to spin, you should have a rough idea of the throttle value being commanded.