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Motor RPM with bidirectional ESC

Greetings BlueRobotics community!
I have general question using bidirectional ESC. Since I use 500 kv brushless motor, when I use regular ESC
I will theoretically get 5000 rpm @10V for full throttle impulse (1900us).
If I use bidirectional ESC on the same motor @10V will I get 5000 rpm in one direction (1900 us) and
5000 rpm in other direction (1100 us) or just half of RPMs (2500 rpm in one direction and 2500 rpm in other direction)?
Thank you!

Hi @Gumma,

You will have the full range both ways

Thank You for your answer. I was studying PWM - RPM chart for T200 thruster and noticed that for 1900 us pulse motor rotates little above 2600 rpm. Also goes for 1100 us pulse - motor rotates at 2600 RPM in other direction. Shouldn’t those values be higher for T200 since it has 500 KV brushless motor? Am I missing something? I am asking that because I also use 500 KV motor for my thrusters with 3S LiPo and I don’t get as near thrust for my ROV as I would expect.

Hi @Gumma,

The difference is RPM under load or no load. The T200 numbers are a complete thruster under load underwater, not the motor spinning freely with no load.