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M100 as servomotor or stepper motor

(Luis Gamez) #1

Hey guys,

Im trying to use a M100 as servo to attach it to a custom gripper, while checking the example code me have noticed the signal should be between 1100 and 1900 so we´ve tried to use a potentiometer and test it with PWM.

at the lowest speed of the M100 just after 1100 the motor still runs very fast, is it a way to use it as a real servo? with very slow moves or like a stepper motor?? I want to use the less gearing as possible.


(Patrick José Pereira) #2

Hi @luisgamez,

Take a look in the T100 perfomance charts, the thruster work with 1100 as maximum reverse and 1900 as maximum forward. Try to start your tests around 1500.

(Luis Gamez) #3

Hi @patrickelectric

I´ve used come code one of the guys shared to control it from the computer using the signal on around 1530 gives more or less the revolutions we need but we will try to use it at 1600 hence it will have a little more torque.


(Adam) #4

Hi @luisgamez

The M100 is not really designed for low speed operation, but it is possible to get it running a bit better at low RPM. You can use an ESC with field oriented control (FOC) drive, which will have greater startup torque and much smoother and slower low RPM operation. FOV ESCs do need to be finely tuned specifically to the motor being used, so it would take some firmware tweaking.

Another option is a gimbal controller, which would operate the motor like a gimbal. However, I would not recommend using this specific one, as it is designed specifically for low current gimbal motors, and will overheat extremely quickly driving an M100. Something more powerful could work.

I know you would like to avoid it, but the best option really is a high ratio gearbox, given the higher speed design of the M100. This is how servos operate, they typically have a small very high RPM motor driving a set or gears with a large reduction.


(Luis Gamez) #5

Hi Adam!

Yep I also think the best way to suit this is by a gearbox but i´ve designed 2 so far and both were broken due to the high speed of the M100, is being quite difficult to prototype it. I has also broken my ABS prototype. next one will be on nylon.

Thanks for the info Adam!

On the other hand, has the BR team worked on a grabber ??


(Adam) #6

Hi Luis,

Gears can be difficult to prototype! Nylon should hold up better, but delrin or PPS would be ideal.

Yes, we are working on a gripper. :slight_smile: