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M100 Not Working

So recently my friend and I have been working on a project that requires us to use three m100 motors. But, when we tried to put it together, the motor (or maybe the ESC or Arduino) didn’t work. We heard the first initialization beeps (that indicate that the three phrase AC is working), but the motor itself doesn’t turn. Further, it seems that the current is going to the ground on the arduino, not the ground in our power supply. Is there anything we can do?


The ground of your arduino should be the same one in your ESC.
Please provide a minimal schematic and code to help us identify your problem.

Hi. I apologize for the late reply

This is the best I could do

The code is the one provided on the Blue Robotics Website under Basic ESC

Hello @cleandert, our example program is designed to run with our (reversible!) basic ESC in our store. Most escs are not reversible when you get them.

Which ESC do you have?
What is your current situation?