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Extra thruster motor for tooling use

Hi, i have the BR Heavy config, and i wonder if it’s possible to mount an extra thruster motor, remove the propeller and add on some nylon cleaning tool/brush on the motor, and control that motor individually?

Something similar to that? :slight_smile:

Hi @Jhans,

A while ago (before I worked for Blue Robotics) we used to sell the motor from the T200 (M200 motor) as a separate product, specifically for easier integration custom use-cases. That product unfortunately had some production issues and was put on indefinite hold, but yes, it’s possible to strip down a T200 and use it for other purposes.

For integration, the AUX ports 1-3 on the Pixhawk can be configured as servo outputs, so you can use one of those to control the ESC. You’ll need to set up relevant joystick functionalities to get the control you want. In my previous workplace we assigned buttons to servo_N_inc and servo_N_dec (where N is 1-3, depending on the port the ESC is plugged into) to control speed (and direction, if relevant), and then another button was set to servo_N_center to be able to quickly stop the motor :slight_smile: