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LX200V30 Power line module

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone used a LX200V30 module instead of the LX200V20 module? The increased data transfer rates look good.

Hi Paul,

We’ve tried it and it works well! Keep in mind that it still has a 10/100 Ethernet interface. During our testing, we generally saw about 10 Mbps faster speeds with the LX200V30, up to about 95 Mbps over short distances.


Hi Rusty,
Thanks for the reply.
I was reading on one site that it has a maximum physical layer data rate of 200Mbps but i was a little skeptical. I think ill grab a couple and have a play and see what happens.
Thanks again,


Hi Paul,

Sounds good. I think it has a physical rate of 200 Mbps, meaning it can transmit data between the LX200V30 devices at that rate, but since it has a 10/100 Ethernet interface instead of a gigabit interface you can’t actually talk to it that fast.


Thanks Rusty.
I’m always trying to grab a few more Mbps without turning to fiber. I suppose regardless of the home plug the raspberry pi will on go up to 100Mb anyway.

That’s true also. I do think you’ll get a few Mbps faster speed, especially on longer tethers!