Fathom-x PLC coupler

I am looking into using the Fathom-X design for a narrower but longer space and hence want to design the board to 21mm width and approx. 70mm long.

Not going to use Ethernet connector but simple board headers instead.

Only question I have is the PLC coupler, is there an off the shelf part for this that anyone could kindly reference?


Hi @Scotty2929, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Assuming you’re talking about the PowerLine/HomePlug module that’s used on the Fathom-X, it’s the RAKwireless LX200V20, which we provide a datasheet for in the Fathom-X technical details.

If you’re after something else then I’d recommend you check the provided schematic and other design files, and ask if what you want isn’t obvious :slight_smile:

Hi EliotBR,

Many thanks for your response.

I am looking for the ‘powerline coupling’ details on page 1 of the schematic beside C4.

I assume it is a transformer, are there off the shelf options for this or any details how to make one?


The last two pages of the LX200V20 datasheet cover the details of the transformer wire and windings. I asked internally if we use an off the shelf one, and was told

Many thanks EliotBR, that is very useful.


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RAK also makes coupling transformers for the LX200V20, for whatever reason they do a good job of hiding them on their website.

Hope this helps.


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