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Fathom X power line communication

I was checking about LX200V20 module which is used in Bluerobotics fathom-x board. It was rated for 300m power line communication. Can i use any two wires instead of twisted pair cables of an underwater tether for Fathom X board?

Thank you

Hi Sudheesh,
we successfully used the Fathom-x board on several different cables (like for SSS or CTD) passing through slip ring up to more than 400 m.


Thank You very much Lorenzo.

You are wellcome,
I’m happy to share experience.
We used the BlueRov electronics with the Fathom tether (for LAN connection) on this towed sistem using a SSS winch.


Thanks for sharing this information Lorenzo
I thought the Fathom x board can only used with a twisted pair cable.
Thank You.