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Fathom X over long tether

We are currently working on a custom project, and are considering using the Fathom-X as an alternative to fibre optics. Does anyone have any experience using these boards on longer tethers? For our project, we need a custom tether 800 meters long, with both 400 VDC supply and communication (twisted pair if we go for the Fathom-X). I realize that the electrical characteristics of the tether itself will play a large role, but the information on the board mentioned a theoretical 2000 meter max tether length, so it would be interesting to hear if anyone has tried using them with longer tethers, and what their experiences were.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys! :slight_smile:

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I’m using Fathom-X for communication on a pipe rover. It’s works (more than 10 mbit/s, no precise tests done) over 750m on a cheap AWG24 shielded twisted pair(not working with the same cable over 800m). AWG22 shielded twisted pair should do the job for the communication part.

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Magnificent, thank you very much for the input! :smiley: That is very helpful information. I could reduce the length to 750 m if needed, so then at least I know it is possible.

You can also consider the WisPLC Pro from Rakwireless. It is effectively a newer/more capable version (LX200V30) of the FXTI (LX200V20).

Some iperf3 results from our tests with BR tethers - so unshielded twisted pairs:


I use this now…

eKL IP Extender Kit
Over Coax Cable Up to 6560ft (2000m)