How can I use a 450mt tether?

Hello everyone.

I’m making a prototype using bluerov2 electronics, and we need to use a 450mt tether. The ROV is powering on, but I don’t get communication signal…I tried with LX200V20 and LX200V30 thinking It was because that. Or isn’t possible to use that long.

Someone has did it?

For this cable length, I don’t believe you’ll achieve success with this type of application. I say this because we’ve encountered some issues at the 300m limit, which we consider to be the maximum applicable length for the Fathom-X. For this distance, I would suggest either using fiber optics or perhaps trying the LX200V50.


Hi @Anrriu

Yes, I have done it with 500m of tether 2x2x24awg copper twisted pair with double shielding, in a motorized reel, with a storage system with wind level screw, electromagnetic clutch to control cable brake, slip ring and a VDSL2 communication board.

I manage to stream a 12mp 4k camera with fairly low latency.

The ROV was designed for the Marine Research Center of the University of Vigo, Spain.

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Hi Andres,

Do you have any more info on your tether winch?
Please email it to me if you can:


Hi Vagner. I have bought 2 lv500x50 modules but it has 3 inputs I don’t know which one connect…


I understand that you’re referring to the LX200V50 module, correct? In this case you’re experiencing the same issue I had: a lack of documentation. The only datasheet accessible on the website appears to be incomplete. It’s missing crucial details like the pinout for the power line connector. In contrast to the LX200V20 or V30 EVB, the green connector has 3 slots, and unfortunately, there’s no label on the board or in any available documentation.

Fortunately, they responded to me through the technical support channel, with the following feedback:

yes, the PIN numbers and use are missing in the datasheet. We will fix this asap.
Please refer to this image:
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PIN 1+2(pair 1) + PIN 2+3(pair 2) can provide up to 1000Mbps physical layer speed.
Pair one or pair 2 only can provide up to 500Mbps physical layer speed.

Hope that helps.

— VMartini

Thanks for your response.

Yes it is the LX200V50, i wrote wrong.

I’m using just 1 pair, the same as the LX200V20.

But i’m not having communication.