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Lumen subsea comparison

Hi guys,

I have got 2 versions of Lumen subsea lights. The first one is from 2 years ago and the newest are from the current stock.
I wonder why does the previous version dissipates less heat than the current version.
Actually I am running out of time and I am not in conditions to open the LEDs

Thanks for your help.

Hi @shangarot15,

Can you clarify what difference you are referring to? Both the R1 and R2 Lumen use the same LED and drive it at the same power, there should not be a difference in heating. The differences are summarized in our blog post here.


Hi Adam,

Sry for the late response. What I meant was that R1 LED’ housing reaches higher temperatures than R2. Wonder to know if it is caused by the new screws material or something internal (electrical)

Best regards and thanks.

Hi @shangarot15,

There were some small electrical changes, but nothing fundamental. The casing is larger with more area and thermal mass, so heat will be dissipated more quickly and it will take longer to heat up. There were also some small changes to the control code regarding tmeperature throttling.