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Lumen R2 Current

Actually i test a Lumen SubSea Light R2 Model in air, in order to define the optimal voltage.
I have connected the Lumen at a laboratory power supply with a voltage around 14.5V ( to simulate 4x Li-Ion Battery). yellow wire connected to red wire [no PWM mode - Full power]
I don’t understand, i see a peak current around 1.17A and after the current decrease continously!! I don’t know why? the voltage is always constant at 14.4V and the brightness seems stable?
Could you explain and help me?

Hi @marcounet, the Lumen SubSea Light has automatic brightness control in order to not exceed the maximum temperature when operating in air. The light is designed to be water cooled in order to operate at full power.

Hi Jacob!!
Very thanks for your prompt reply!! I have also detected the solution in the BlueRobotics forum!!
So if i understand, i have to continue my tests in “water condition”!!
The goal of my future experiment is to integrate one or two Lumen Subsea lights in a rove prototype ( 200 meter deepth) in order to power light for a GoPro camera.
According to you, is it possible to obtain an autonomy around 1h30-2h00 with a Li-Ion battery 14,4V - 2600mAh? To my mind, i have to increase battery ( to 4000mah) for 2 Lumen SubSea Light?
for information GoPro camera is powered separatly.
Thanks for advance,


1 light takes 15 watts to operate at full brightness.

15 Watts * 2 hours = 30 watt-hours needed for 1 light, or 60 watt-hours for 2 lights

14.4 Volts * 2.6 Amp-hours = 37.44 watt-hours in this battery, it is not big enough for two lights.

To see how big the 14.4v battery needs to be:
60 Watt-hours / 14.4 Volts = 4.167 amp-hours. You need at least a 4200 mAh 14.4 V battery to run 2 lights for 2 hours.

Thanks a lot for these informations!!


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