Lumen Subsea Light (Pre-Connected Sets) (New R2 Version) - 4

Hi all
Just a quick question regarding the [Lumen Subsea Light (Pre-Connected Sets) (New R2 Version) - 4]
The spec. reads that the cable is 1m, but is does not indicate, as far as I could find, the cable length between the lights (unless they are all 1m). This is important to me as I want to have two of the lights in the front and two in the aft of the ROV. Question is if the “internal cables” are long enough to spreed the lights far enough apart.

ping @Jonathan

Hi Oystein,

All of the cables on the Lumen Subsea Lights are 1m in length. This includes the cables that go from the penetrator to the first Lumen as well as the cables that connect each pair of lumens.

  • Ryan