Looks like someones doing some fishing

Just a heads up. I just visited the site to see if Blue robotics had any cool new products and shortly after I get this gem.



Me, too. I’ve sent an email to Rusty. Looks like we’ve got a lonely spammer in our midst. :wink:

what a shame, and I thought I had left a new friend. jejejej

Darn it! After the fall of Ashley Madison, I thought I might find a real women on here. I see she is already sending the same e-mail out to everyone.

Rusty’s mailbox is more than likely full of all of us sending him the spam :slight_smile:


I got it as well, lol. It just reads like a bot, lol.

Hello all,

This did happen unfortunately and I think messages were sent to all users. We apologize for that.

We’ve deleted the user and disabled the private messaging capability until we find a better solution. We want to make sure that never happens again!

On a related note, we’re considering migrating to a new forum software (currently using BBPress). Any suggestions or favorites among you all?

Best regards,