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Logitec F310 topside controls

I am using a Logitec F310 for topside control with the BR2. The Buttons all work fine, but the Joy Sticks are not going the Way they are set up on the Diagram for the Joysticks.The Right JOY Stick for Ascend and Decend are working but the oppisite way.I push up, the BR Goes down.Pull back the BR comes up. The left Joy stick turns left when i push Forward, Turns right when i pull back. To go forward I have to push Right Joy stick to the Left, To go backward I push the right Joy stick to the Right. I have Calibrated a multitude of times with no success.I have checked the Motor wiring and Rotation a lot of times also. Needless to say its is Chaotic and Frustrating,

Any Clues appreciated I am new at this!!

Are you saying the calibration is failing, or that the calibration completes but the calibrated joysticks move the ROV in the opposite direction to what you wanted?

If it’s the latter I’d suggest writing down which direction you’re pushing them and the corresponding ROV direction, then figuring out which way you need to push each joystick during the calibration for the controls to be as you desire.

The calibration works fine and says i am good to go.
but the sticks are no doing what i would like them to do., Right stick Push up for ascend and down for Descend. Left stick push forward to go forward, pull back left stick to go back.Is there a Default for the F310 attched photo is what i want it to do.


The calibration instructions where you got that image say that that’s the default setup for a BlueROV2. Assuming you’ve followed those instructions then it should be controllable as specified in the image, unless that documentation is outdated (which I would expect is unlikely).

Have you made sure to set TX mode to 3 on the General tab of the Joystick page, before you do the calibration? That’s the only step I can see that could be easy to miss.

If that doesn’t end up working you might want to make sure your QGC is on v4.0.5, ArduSub on v4.0.2, and companion is on 0.0.26.

If it’s still not working then you can do as suggested in my previous comment and write down which way the ROV moves for each joystick movement direction, and then from that determine which way you need to move the joysticks during the calibration process to get the desired movements. Then when calibrating you’ll be pushing your joysticks a different way to what the diagram is showing you, but you should be able to get it moving as desired.

Thanks for the Info, Yes i have it set to TX mode 3, and set to X on the back of Logitec Controller. I do follow the directions on the Calibration Process, I just do what it says, Start, push up and hold, push down and hold etc. will go through the Setup instructions again in the Morning, Im sure its me not seeing it clearly. The BR works wonderfull, but having the Sticks not going the way my mind sees things. Things turn into a underwater Pin Ball Machine. its a good thing i have a lot of open water to practice in. Would not want to do it in the Harbor.