Lithium-ion Battery (14.8V, 15.6Ah) cables use?

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I just got a new Lithium-ion Battery (14.8V, 15.6Ah), and I’m wondering the use of the Jst-XH connectors ?

Can they give the voltage continuously ?

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Hi @ThomasWR,

That connector is generally used for balancing while charging the battery, but if you’ve got suitable hardware (e.g. a microcontroller with a set of ADCs) and you’re willing to program it then those wires could also be used for measuring the voltage of each cell during operation if you wanted to.

We normally use our Power Sense Module to get continual measurements of the total battery voltage and current usage, which get communicated to the flight controller. Generally that’s sufficient, but if you’re wanting to be extra careful about battery health or something then you could set up your own system to measure each cell with the balance connector :slight_smile:

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Ok, so do you think that using a voltage divider bridge on an arduino could be a solution ?

Yes, I used a voltage divider to get the voltage of my 3-cell battery but you have to use the internal reference of the Arduino ( analogReference(INTERNAL1V1);, I attach the electronic schematic.


A set of voltage dividers could be used to read cell voltages, yes. @jua123’s solution seems like a good way of doing so without wasting power in between readings (since you can selectively turn on/off each divider with the MOSFETs), and allows using a single ADC to cycle between reading the different levels :slight_smile:

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