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Battery cell error

I am using blue robotics battery and now i am facing problem with battery per cell voltage one cell is showing zero voltage and when i am going to charge its showing cell error .

Hi @rohit,

Using a multimeter to measure, what is the overall pack voltage? You can also measure the individual cell voltages at the balance plug. If the individual cell voltages do not add up to the total or with any being zero, then there may be an internal break along one of the balance wires. If everything does add up but is low overall, it is possible the batter was over discharged.


i check voltage and found that one cell voltage is zero their so may be their is internal break

so how can solve this problem or can i return the battery for replacement .

please help me in this

Hi @rohit,

I have noticed that you have also been emailing our support team about this issue. In the future, to avoid our duplication of effort, please only seek assistance through one avenue at a time or let us know when we are already responding to you through other means.

It looks like you are checking the battery with a charger, this is not necessarily an accurate method depending on the charger. Please check the total battery voltage and each individual cell voltage with a multimeter, and let us know all 5 voltages.

Please continue your troubleshooting with Daniel.


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thanks for your support i find out problem with the balance connector