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Connection Break Down error on Blue robotics charger

While starting to Blue robotics charger, after turning on charger and hooking up battery balancer and battery cables and then either trying to do storage, charge, or discharge I get the same error Connection Break Down how do I fix this? Thanks !

Hi @Ledge,

Check your battery balance connector with a multimeter. I’ve had some wires break because I pulled them instead of the connector (oops).

Ok William I did the following and tested again.

  1. Tested the balancing cables with continuity tester. All leads conduct.

  2. Checked out pins on charger making sure they were all present and not broken
  3. connected battery to balancing cables and battery power leads and started charger, here is videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmVAv0tftoQ
  4. here is the other charger that have that is working fine. with same setup

The charger that is not working now, did work before. I was charging and everything. It was during charging for Storage that right in the middle it stopped working stated this error. Any attempt with other balancing cables and other batteries yields the same error. This leads me to believe that that there is broken wire inside the charger… what do you think?
I already had to send back one charger because the unit would not even turn on at all…did you guys find out what was wrong with it.

Anyway, standing by to see what I should do next, send it back?

It does sound like an issue with the charger itself. I guess a FET burned out.
Was the cooler running fine before it failed?

Anyway, please get in touch with us via support@bluerobotics.com and link this topic. The guys there will be able to help you further.

Yes the fan was working… I will contact them


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