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BlueRobotics 18AH battery at 0 volts

Hello out there,

Any ideas if this can be fixed? A user dropped off two batteries, one a month old, the other a few years old. Both have 0 volts at the connector. Some cells have some voltage?

Hi @k-deboer,

Sometimes the balance connector pins may loosen up a bit over time, which can lead to false readings on the charger. It’s possible this may have happened, to confirm use a multimeter to check the overall voltage at the discharge lead, and the individual cell voltages across the balance pins.

However, if these readings are accurate, the batteries are definitely dead and a recovery should not be attempted. They should be safely disposed of at a battery recycling center.

This would most likely have been caused by abuse of the battery, over-discharging and then failing to balance charge.


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Thanks Adam,
All the connections are good, so it looks like the batteries are indeed dead. Pity. It shows how important proper battery management is. One of these dead batteries was used twice.
Off to the recycling center!

If the BMS was tripped they might be salvageable. If you’ve had a short, or other malfunction, voltage can show very low or 0v. We’ve had batteries resurrected by our battery assembler by “resetting” the BMS. Some are push button, others need some mystic magic, would need to check with BR if their batteries have an easily resettable BMS.

There is another way to possibly salvage a battery, but I won’t post it here, it’s not a recommended practice, but has worked for me before. You can PM me if you like

Hi @spotxuv,

Our batteries do not have a BMS, they are the bare cells only. The voltage reading will be accurate, it’s a direct connection to the cells.