Dead Battery in ROV2

Someone forget to disconnect the battery, plug in for several hours. Battery reads Balance port error . My Gut reaction battery it’s toasted. expense mistake, Please prove me wrong!!!

Hi William,
2.3V and up leaves hope for partial recovery.
Try carefully charging under observation (probably without balancing if the charger only shows errors…).

Hey @RogueWave

Its such a shame and might be an expensive mistake but however let´s try soomething

Plug the battery and try a fast charge with 3-4 Amps it might survive and come back to 8V quickly, after you reach the 10V go back to balance charge and keep it up until 16V

I hope it can survive!!


hello you have to charge like PB bat no balance connect .supervice all time shot time charge to 3.6 volt and then charge like normal way
look in internet how to revive lipo batt