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Low Voltage Alert

I have been working on the BlueROV for a while and have only had access to the lab for a couple of hours a week due to COVID. When I arrived today to finally start up my device, I plugged the battery into the balance charger/discharger and followed the instructions on the blue robotics website to charge it. When I held down the start button, I received a message that said “BATTERY CHECK LOW VOLTAGE.” What can I do to get the correct voltage and get my battery charged?

Thank you.

edit the Balance Charger/Discharger will no longer turn on.

What does the voltage read with a multi meter? If the battery has a BMS it may shut down at low voltages. To “rescue” these packs, I normally connect a standard power pack to the battery (make sure you match the voltage to the battery pack) and apply power for a minute or so. Monitor carefully, do not leave too long, and always charge in a lipo bag. This is usually enough to reset the BMS, and then you can connect to a proper smart charger.