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Multiple batteries

i am looking for adding two battery units, how to get the data of second batttery in QGC, also give the hardware setup

Just wondering why you don’t connect the batteries in parallel.

Alternatively you can use a second Power Sense Module:

Hook it to an Arduino and push it through a USB port on the raspberry pie.

Then you can program a software to retrieve and display the data.

Did you connect the two batteries in parallel, or run them separately?

i want to connect them parallel, here i am facing a problem that if the voltage levels of these two batteries are different, internal discharge took place in between them, can you suggest any circuit to solve this problem? if am not using a battry monitoring circuit for pixhwak, how can i get the voltage and current values in QGC?

Soon we’ll be releasing this circuit for connecting two batteries. It switches between the two.

If the two batteries are the model and balance charged to the same voltage and are as close as possible a charge state, then connecting them in parallel will be fine. If the voltage levels are different, they should be balance charged to get them to the same state.