How to connect 2 power sensor

Hello i need some help for connect 2 power sensor att the same time for read 2 batteries
where plug the second power sensor and if is needed how to setup

Hi @adurix,

Both the Pixhawk and the Navigator flight controller boards only have a single port that’s intended for battery monitoring (with one pin for current, and one pin for voltage). Both boards do technically have at least two additional ADC pins that it should be possible to manually configure as BATT2 inputs, but they’re not in the standard “power sensor port” orientation, so you’ll need to make a custom cable to be able to use them for that purpose. I believe the Pixhawk 4 has two power ports, if that’s relevant / of interest.

If you’ve got a particular flight controller and power sensor in mind then we can help provide the additional information you’ll need to configure a second battery monitor.

Hello Eliot thanks for your fast response .
I m assembling new bluerov2 with navigator board and 2 power sense module
I m plitt the the terminal block and feed with 2 batteries half thruster and light and other side navigation camera thruster etc.
can you help me with the pin out for make mi wire and dont burn mi board.

The additional ADC pins on the Navigator are in the two connectors in the top left, and are labelled with their signal ranges. As shown on the PCB silkscreen, the signal wires are the middle ones, and the ground wires go on the right.

You might want to consider a wiring setup like this:

in which case I believe the relevant parameter values would be:

Parameter Value
BATT2_MONITOR Analog Voltage and Current (4)
BATT2_VOLT_MULT 11.0 (or possibly 5.5?)

Thanks a lot Eliot your solution work
But i have 3 rov with this set up and the volt meter show me the same read value like is only one power sensor connected.
I go to factory default new firmware etc same issue.

What do you mean by this?
I tried setting these parameters and when clicking on the battery indicator in QGC it shows two batteries, and their voltages are reported independently.