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Lipo Bag for Blue robotics battery

Does anybody know of a lipo bag for Blue Robotics Batteries.? Thanks !

Hey Fredi!

We usually use a simple bag like this one from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Youdepot-Fireproof-Sleeve-Explosion-Proof-Storage/dp/B07HVVJH1N/ref=sr_1_27?keywords=lipo+safe+bag&qid=1560792186&s=gateway&sr=8-27

There are certainly better ones out there but it works for us!

Thanks Elisa!


After watching a few fire tests on youtube I feel that bags are not fireproof enough for 10Ah Lipo or 18Ah LiIon batteries. Boxes, like the “bat safe” (normal size or XL) seem to be more reliable.