About the safety of Lipo battery

Is the LiPO batteries safe for BlueROV? If the battery is put into the watertight enclosure, will it be damaged by the vapor inside the enclosure?

I heard that LiPO batteries are combustible and are easy to catch on fire. So do I need to use NiMH batteries instead?

Thanks for any answer.

Here’s a safety guide to using LiPO batteries, well worth reading: https://www.horizonhobby.com/pdf/EFL-LiPoSafetyWarnings.pdf

From what I’ve read (and I’ve not had this happen to me) the greatest risks of starting a fire with LiPO batteries is during charging and if there is a short in the wiring. If you use a proper LiPO battery charger, don’t over-charge (charging for too long) and don’t charge too quickly (set the charger for too many Amps) you’re not likely to ever have a problem.

Yes, LiFePo4 and NiMH batteries offer a greater level of safety.

Thank you for your answer!
I want to use a NiMH battery, but for days I have not found any proper one. Some NiMH batteries have the unsuitable voltage, and the other NiMH batteries have the unsuitable ports.
So is there a specific type that is suitable for BlueROV(six T-200 thrusters)? A link will be better.

I’ve been buying all my batteries from Hobby King. An alternative to NiMH is LiFePo4, if you can afford them. They are a little bit bigger and considerably more expensive than LiPO, but worth considering


That helps. Thank you a lot!!

Imho the best alternative instead of Lipo cells.

Sanyo NCR18650GA 3500mAh - 10A

Ok, you have to configure it to your needs but since they can handle up to 10A I get more capacity at almost similar weight. I even use it in my UAV and love it. As well they can be charged with a standard Lipo charger and are far less dangerous.

That sounds very nice! I will try. Thank you very much!

Here is a videotutorial on configuring a batterypack with above cells.

Sorry the video is not supporting here. Lipo batteries require special care and maintenance to keep them working well and to keep you safe. I would get one of team lipo’s battery charger, they are high quality, and have many other advantages over other lipo’s. but if you want high capacity, go here.

Outside of charging, has anyone experienced any problems running LiPo batteries at depth?