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About the safety of Lipo battery

(WYK) #1

Is the LiPO batteries safe for BlueROV? If the battery is put into the watertight enclosure, will it be damaged by the vapor inside the enclosure?

I heard that LiPO batteries are combustible and are easy to catch on fire. So do I need to use NiMH batteries instead?

Thanks for any answer.

(Paul) #2

Here’s a safety guide to using LiPO batteries, well worth reading: https://www.horizonhobby.com/pdf/EFL-LiPoSafetyWarnings.pdf

From what I’ve read (and I’ve not had this happen to me) the greatest risks of starting a fire with LiPO batteries is during charging and if there is a short in the wiring. If you use a proper LiPO battery charger, don’t over-charge (charging for too long) and don’t charge too quickly (set the charger for too many Amps) you’re not likely to ever have a problem.

Yes, LiFePo4 and NiMH batteries offer a greater level of safety.

(WYK) #3

Thank you for your answer!
I want to use a NiMH battery, but for days I have not found any proper one. Some NiMH batteries have the unsuitable voltage, and the other NiMH batteries have the unsuitable ports.
So is there a specific type that is suitable for BlueROV(six T-200 thrusters)? A link will be better.

(Paul) #4

I’ve been buying all my batteries from Hobby King. An alternative to NiMH is LiFePo4, if you can afford them. They are a little bit bigger and considerably more expensive than LiPO, but worth considering


(WYK) #5

That helps. Thank you a lot!!

(dirk.bell) #6

Imho the best alternative instead of Lipo cells.

Sanyo NCR18650GA 3500mAh - 10A

Ok, you have to configure it to your needs but since they can handle up to 10A I get more capacity at almost similar weight. I even use it in my UAV and love it. As well they can be charged with a standard Lipo charger and are far less dangerous.

(WYK) #7

That sounds very nice! I will try. Thank you very much!

(dirk.bell) #8

Here is a videotutorial on configuring a batterypack with above cells.

(Michael Viana) #9

Sorry the video is not supporting here. Lipo batteries require special care and maintenance to keep them working well and to keep you safe. I would get one of team lipo’s battery charger, they are high quality, and have many other advantages over other lipo’s. but if you want high capacity, go here.