Lipo or Life Battery

On my present ROV I run a 12v gel cell 3.3 ah and it works fine but is big and heavy. All of my systems are 12v so it works out. I am however looking at other possibilities but I have concerns with the saftey of Lipo as well as them being 11.1 volt or 14.2 volt I have done some reading on the Life batteries and they come in a 13.2 volt witch I think my systems could handle ok

Anyway I never here much about the Life Batteries in the Rov world and was wondering if any body had experience or opinions




I don’t have personal experience with LiFe batteries, but based on my research on the internet I think they would serve fine in ROV power service (that’s the “opinion” you were asking for). HobbyKing has a large selection at good prices and sufficient capacity to meet ROV requirements. As far as voltage requirements go, I can’t comment unless I know what individual components you will be attempring to power with LiPo or LiFe. On my ROV, the LiPo supplies full voltage to the ESC’s, power to the TV camera, and regulated 5V power to the microprocessor. In my case LiPo works fine and so would LiFe.