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Linux-losing connection

Fresh Linux install.
Program up and running but…
Before I say anything else I’d just like to clarify that we have the exact same model of laptop running Win10 without issue.
Followed instructions, connects to ROV.
After a minute or two it loses connection. Access network settings on laptop, select the wired connection again and it connects. Another minute and it drops out again.

Any ideas?

Sounds like something is changing your network settings.

Can you check the output of ip addr when the connection drops?

Do you have additional ethernet devices on the same network?

Hi William,
Thanks for the response but i’ve run into other issues.
We fitted a USB 3.o to Gigabit network adaptor with built-in-2-port USB hub. Linux software is available and i’ve downloaded.
There’s a ‘Makefile’ a ‘compatibility.h’ file, a ‘50-usb-realtek-net.rules’ file and a ‘r8152.c’ file. Not sure how to proceed with that. It works a charm on the windows machine, bugger

Hi @milkybar,

Unfortunately I can’t help you with that. In my experience it is easier to just find another adapter with proper support already in Linux.

Installed a different Debian based distrobution, Ubuntu - the most ‘popular’? but still having issues.
With the maximum length of the BR tether being less than 328 ft can we just put an ethernet olug on the ends instead? ditch the tetherX?

We have an article on the subject of tethers in our Gitbook. It seems like it should be doable up to 100 meters.

The longest available in the store is actually 300 m (984 ft).