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Cat 5 cable as temporary tether

(Oystein Skarholm) #1

Hi everyone.
I an trying to connect the BR2 up to the laptop via the BR surface tether interface box.
I am trying to use a standard? cat5 cable (300m long) to do so. the reason is that I need to run the BR through a pipe subsea and my BR tether is only 150m. The pipe is approx 250m long.
I have done this before with a longer BR tether which I don`t have at hand anymore. I just need the tether to be working for a day…dip and throw, cheap tether.

Can someone tell me if the cat cable I have should work or not as I do not get any signals.
The specs can be found here. https://1drv.ms/b/s!AnqDaYAa2eCgzFWnqQxDNqMDI3a6

The pixhawk have 2 off blinking blue light (for info)

Hope a clever mind out there can help.

(TCIII) #2


I have used a 15 foot CAT 5e cable for bench top testing and for shallow tank testing, but definitely not for ocean use as the jacket is definitely not robust enough!


(Oystein Skarholm) #3

Thanks, I know, the tether is planned for 1 run through a pipe. My question is mearly if the cable in question have to much resistance or other parameteres that that results in lack og signal.

(Bo Koppel) #4

That cable should work fine from electronic point of view.
You only need to use one pair.

Check indication LEDs on ROV side on fathom X board.
Check indication LEDs on topside interface box.
Topside You can do alternate solution if You have spair Fathom X board and ethernet input to computer.

(Oystein Skarholm) #5

Thanks Bo.
Just solved it…stupid error, really. The 305m long cat 5 cable worked just fine. The hick-up was in fact the top side box. There was a conflict with the IP address when using the FXTI on the laptop. The existing Ethernet connection already had dips on the IP address, All sorted now