500M tether for sale/issues

Have a client interested in having a 500m pipe inspection done. Does any one have one of the long tethers that used to be available in the store? and if so would you sell it? Also heard some people claimed they didn’t work for any information regarding any of this is greatly appreciated.

I have a 200m tether that I was planning on selling. Let me know if you are interested.

I had a 500m slim tether for a little while, traded it back to BR for a 300m after the longer one didn’t work. It turns out that RF effects have a big influence at these lengths. For example, I spliced together the 4 pairs in my 100m standard tether to make a 400m single-pair test length and it worked beautifully. BR has spliced together lengths far longer than 500m with slim tether pieces, and they worked fine, but a single, whole 500m piece was useless. If I had cut off 10m, maybe it would have been just fine, but the effects are too unpredictable. What happens on various sizes of tether reels, or when part of the tether is off the reel?
This 500m job of yours wouldn’t happen to be in Panama, would it?

Just did a pipe inspection using 200m of BR weather on the west side and 200m Cat 6 on the dry side worked great

No, the job is in Canada. Too bad there isn’t anything long enough right now.

Shielding is a big issue on these tethers. I once had connected the blue pair at the ROV end and orange pair at the computer end and data/video was still coming through. It was really bad though and it took me hours trying to figure it out until I saw my mistake… This was over 300m.

If its not too deep then maybe you can use a normal STP Cat 6 cable. These are usually used for outdoor. Very easy to find and cheap compared to an ROV tether. Its a bit stiff but being this is going to be a pipe inspection it should be fine.

Normal network cable is often used on ROVs when they do competitions in the pools.

If you live in Quebec, go to Addison in Montreal, you will most likely find a single shielded twisted pair cable for even cheaper.

Great thanks for the help. Messaged them to see.