Limited pitch when in Depth Hold

Hi all,

Since I have updated my BR2 Heavy config with last Navigator and QGC version, I can’t pitch intentionally the ROV more than 20° (+ or -) when in depth hold mode.
It does the same when in Stabalize mode, however in Acro mode, the pitch can go all the way I am asking.

I could not find any of this kind of parameter in QGC. Does any of you already had this kind of behaviour? Did you manage to solve it?

Thanks for your repply.

Hi @m.jousse,

I asked about this internally and was told it sounds like you might be on an old firmware version. Can you try updating to ArduSub 4.1.0 stable or 4.1.1 beta through BlueOS, if you’re currently on a different version?

Hi @EliotBR

Thanks for you answer. Indeed, the update of ArduSub cleared the issue.
However, the ROV seems less stable when pitching. It even go to a fix roll position when rotating, strange behaviour.
I had compass and accelerometer calibrated without any improvement.
I will keep looking to see if I find anything to stabilize a little more.


Can you try this image and see if it resolves the issue? :slight_smile: