Leaky penetrator on factory potted T200 thruster cable

Has anyone experienced leaks on their factory mounted penetrators to the T200 thruster?

We have a small ROV that uses 8 BR T200 thrusters. Some of the penetrators does not have resin all the way through the to the inner opening, whereas others have a white resin at the inner end.
This is the penetrator that leaked, causing a lot of damage to to the electronics inside the casing:

These are a couple of penetrators that has not leaked (yet). Notice one of them has an extra white resin inside, wheras the other has the same lack of resin at the inner opening:

I remember I was very happy when BR started delivering already potted thruster penetrators, but the quality of these is highly questionable it seems. The ones Ive potted myself has never leaked.

The ROV has never been used below 40m, and at the time of the short circuit the depth was about 5m.

Hi @magnusmyklebost,

Sorry to hear you’ve had leaking penetrator issues.

It’s a known problem, and is discussed at length here.

Reliability issues with potted penetrators (especially once we started potting them at scale) was a big part of why we put a heap of development effort into our new epoxy-less WetLink range. You’ll find that most of our products no longer use potted penetrators, and those that still do are on the way to having them replaced with WetLinks.

I’d recommend you contact support@bluerobotics.com to discuss further, with respect to a potential replacement or refund. It would be helpful if you could link to this post, and also include an order number/date if you can :slight_smile: