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T200 connector leakage

Hi guys :slight_smile: Need some info ASAP. We found some leakage on our motors connectors and now we are not sure is it normal to have motors with or without white stuff inside connector.

FYI my 2 year old BR2 has white epoxy on the inside of the penetrators.

Hi @vectrino-hr If you found you have leaking penetrator, please e-mail us at support@bluerobotics.com and we can begin the RMA process, if needed.

We stopped potting with the white marine epoxy and potting all the way through around mid-2018 when we switched to the Wet Link epoxy. Before that, the thrusters had been epoxied with a combination of white marine epoxy and black epoxy for the โ€œcapโ€.


FYI we have been experiencing the same problem, leaky thruster penetrators where the newer Wet Link epoxy is used. We havenโ€™t had a single leak with the old system we purchased (pre-2018) with the white/black epoxy combo.

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