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Leak Detection expanded feature request

Over the weekend, our ROV unit encountered a leak sensor alarm. The rov was removed from the dive, disassembled, inspected, reassembled, tested. The following day, after 30 minutes of being submerged again the system indicated leak detected, and dive was cancelled. Again the rov was inspected and unable to locate the source of the detection.
My question would be with expanded leak detection warning. Such as leak detected on #. This could aid with at which prob(s) was the leak detected, and if the condition was changing. Example: Leak detected on 1… Leak detected on 1, 2,3…Leak detected on 1, 2, 4. So forth. Reasoning would to gain knowledge to which end it was first detected (fwd vs aft), did it only warn on a single prob, did it suddenly warn on all, or rate of leak, such as if it were to change from 1 to 1,2 or 1,2,3,4 during alarm state.

I think I’ve seen where you can go into the settings on QGround control and add another leak sensor to a different channel on the Pixhawk - I don’t have access to QGC at the moment.

When I’ve had trouble locating the source of a leak, I’ve packed paper towel around all the penetrators along with 2 leak sensors. When a leak was detected I could see where the paper towel was damp around the leaking penetrator.


@gcelec, appreciate that, and good idea on the towel, having heck of a time hunting this down.