Leak detection false alwarm after replacing acylic tube to aluminum tube

Anyone had the issue of leak detector false alarm after replacing acylic tube to aluminum tube?

Leak detection msg poped out after a few minutes the ROV dived into water (15m deep). Seems to me it is the water drops condensated on the inner wall tube when the warm air inside the tube meets the cold wall of the tube (water temp around 4 celsius degrees @ 15 meters underwater).

Is the silica gel a good solution for this?

@305155973, Yes you should try using the silica dessicant. It will remove the water from the air inside of the enclosure, and prevent condensation from forming.

Thanks Jacob. Will try and let you know how it works :slight_smile:

Slightly different issue, but my QGC always registers a leak, so I’ve now deactivated it. I don’t think its the sensor because I get the same issue even with the board unpowered. I’ve followed the manual for pin assignment and logic. I’m using QGC 3.1.3. Any thoughts on the cause?


Is the LED turned on on the leak sensor board? If not, you definitely should not be registering a leak. If you can send a screen shot of your leak sensor setup screen that would be helpful.


We are having the same issues. Just assembled the kit and it has been logging a leak since the first power on.

Screen Shot of settings

We have completed the set up and preformed the leak down tests. Everything else looks like it works fine.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

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Just got the same, no led light, and leak detection even if no detector is attached?

Hi Christian,

Can you verify that the 3-wire cable from the leak sensor to the Pixhawk is connected in the right direction? And can you share a screenshot of the settings page?


Will do :wink: