Joystick input detect wrong in QGC 4.2.0

In older version QGC (4.0.~) joystick work well, however in new version 4.2.0 joystick input work wrongly.

For example, if work correctly, joystck input ↑ forward ↓ back, but input ↓ forward input ↑ back.
In QGC 4.2.0 joystick menu diplay input ↑ return back(left of forward bar). (4.0.~ display ↑ forward (right of forward bar))

Hi @yuki,

Have you tried re-calibrating the joystick? It’s possible the default directions have changed between versions, in which case the old calibration will no longer apply.

Of course, I have already recalibrated the joystick, after update new version.

As I’ve just commented in your other post:

That said, it’s useful for us to know about any issues in software that we’re planning to transition to in future, so we can fix them before they become an issue for our regular users.

I (and our software team) don’t fully understand the issue here - is the problem just the direction the display sliders move when you push the corresponding joysticks on the controller, or does the joystick calibration result actually cause the vehicle to move in the opposite direction to how you intend it to? What happens if you calibrate it in the opposite direction it tells you to?

I try to check controller operation in QGC 4.1.5, calibration display sliders (0,1,2,3,4,5) appear to work correctly (also in QGC 4.2.0), but control display sliders (Leteral, Forward, Yaw, Throttle) are not moving at all.
The thrusters of the vehicle are moving, but we have not yet confirmed that the vehicle is moving in the intended direction.

The calibration sliders appear to move correctly, but both the control display sliders and the vehicle move in the opposite direction to the intended direction.

Neither the direction in which the control display slider moves nor the movement of the ROV when the joystick of the controller is pressed works correctly even if it is moved in the opposite direction to that indicated by the calibration.