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Ipad or laptop, what else?

Résultats de recherche

Hi all !

I looking for find a solution to have:

  • a computer watertight
  • a long autonomy

I make some tests with:

  • a Ms surface 4 Pro but with 4h only it’s short
  • A standard laptop… it’s dislike water ==> RIP
  • a ipad pro with my flying drone ==> 9h

The ipad must be a solution but BR don’t use the classic Qgroundcontrol.

What solution are you use to controle your Br2 ??

Pano tough book. Found on eBay.

We do not support Android/iOS at the moment. Most modern laptops will run QGC without issue. I recommend 8G ram, an i5 or better CPU, and an SSD.

@jwalser the problem is the water…

@bdevis Have you provided your inputs for our software feature survey? There’s your chance to have a say with what the community wants for software features and one of the items is for iOS compatibility.

From looking around at the rest of the internet I have’t seen any good reviews of an iPad pro working well with water. Example here.

I think the Galaxy Tab Active2 or similar will be an interesting choice when we have mobile compatibility.

If you are really concerned with water ingress, then I think you are looking at a rugged/semi-rugged laptop or tablet solution. There are many manufacturers out there such as Panasonic, Dell, Getac, etc. I think Dell is the only you can buy off-the-shelf right now and customize how you want it.

Frustrating that still no support for iOS so we can use an iPad. Taking a laptop out on the water is far from an ideal solution. I have just bought a Surface Pro 6 but find the video still has way too much lag despite attempting all the remedies in the forums. From my perspective as an avid user and fan in general of BR products, the lack of both iOS and Android support compromises the overall utility of the rest of the package. That and the absence of a real wifi solution.

I went this route for a refurbished and upgraded older tough book. https://www.bobjohnson.com/toughbook-cf-31-mk3-intel-core-i5-3320m-2-60ghz/. Works well and can handle just about anything. The super bright screen is really nice as well, the sun can be shining on it and you can still see. Downside, lack of color on the screen but the hdmi out does broadcast in 1080p.

Hi John,

I’m sorry we don’t offer an iPad app right now. We did a software feature survey a while back and iOS/Android support was one of the least requested features (to our surprise). Since QGC runs well on Windows tablets like the Surface, we’ve decided to stick with that for now.

As for wifi, we did consider offering a wifi option but it adds a significant failure point and since we don’t have a standard mobile option it isn’t that important right now.

QGC can be built for iOS and Android but we haven’t put much effort into supporting ArduSub on those platforms. We may do so in the future.


Hi Rusty

thanks for the response. I too am surprised that iOS and Android support wasn’t higher on the survey list given that such a high percentage of ROV users are users of those systems. however I very much understand that for BR to allocate the time and resources to develop versions would be misplaced given the plethora of other priorities work to on. I have a guy working on a web based system but that may or may not come to fruition.


John Griffiths

Hi John,

Yes, it was quite surprising to us also. Adding iOS or Android support is a fairly huge undertaking so we are instead keeping our effort focused on stability and more highly demanded features like video data overlay and support for multiple cameras.


Have you concidered the fact that the crowd you asked, are those who (most likely) own some sort of ROV with Qgroundcontrol already, and are happy with how it works?

You should aim higher. In order to capture the folks who now buy Gladius\Trident\Blueye etc, you should have Android\iOS capabilities. Your ROV is technically superior to these with being customizable, solid and with excellent customerservice.(All of the previously mentioned ROVs lacks at least one of these) However, they see that in order to use a BlueROV2, you need to bring a laptop instead of a waterproof tablet.

So yes, your current communtity might not want Android or iOS, but if you want to grow you should pursue this. You know the old saying, to make money you have to spend money.


Hi, I use a Crystalsky tablet/monitor from DJI. I downloaded Qgroundcontrol and it works flawlessy.
IT uses Android 6 something.
Jan R

Hi Jan

I am interested in using a Crystalsky monitor as well. I assume you just downloaded QGC from google as Android isn’t supported by ardusub and and so I am wondering how stable it is. Any issues?
If it runs smoothly enough, it also opens up the possibility of using the Openrov Trident JXD s192k controller which runs Android as well although I don’t imagine the sunlight visibility of the screen remotely approaches that of the Crystalsky. I wonder if anyone out there has used JXD s192k with their BR2.

Hi John,
It works flawlessy.
Super stable and fantastic in direct sunlight.
There is no native bluetooth support in the crystalsky so I use mine only for live view.
Can also record if I want to.
Jan R

As long as the pc is big enough im happy, but i use a 27 " curved screen for better picture. will have 2 in setup soon. The Bigger the better. i think

…and go for a curved screen (27)and a dark room, and suddenly you see Everything :wink: …Good point you are saying here;) its a Good ROV, its not a drone :wink: …so the possibillies are sooo much moore here! …this is just the start :wink:

Hi Jan

I just bought a crystal sky 7.85" ultra bright screen. how did you connect the fathom x ethernet to it or did you have to go thru a wifi hub?

It’s just a monitor, so you’d still need to connect the fathom-x to a computer. Also, for anyone interested in a less expensive option, have a look at Lilliput, specifically the A7S is a bargain.

Hi John,
I use a Ubiqity AP so I can use my computer and the Crystalsky at the same time.
This setup gives me the most flexible solution.
Ubiquiti AC Pro is super fast. No lag on the video and Long range.