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Ipad or laptop, what else?

(devis) #1

Résultats de recherche

Hi all !

I looking for find a solution to have:

  • a computer watertight
  • a long autonomy

I make some tests with:

  • a Ms surface 4 Pro but with 4h only it’s short
  • A standard laptop… it’s dislike water ==> RIP
  • a ipad pro with my flying drone ==> 9h

The ipad must be a solution but BR don’t use the classic Qgroundcontrol.

What solution are you use to controle your Br2 ??

(Dale) #2

Pano tough book. Found on eBay.

(Jacob) #3

We do not support Android/iOS at the moment. Most modern laptops will run QGC without issue. I recommend 8G ram, an i5 or better CPU, and an SSD.

(devis) #4

@jwalser the problem is the water…

(Kevin) #5

@bdevis Have you provided your inputs for our software feature survey? There’s your chance to have a say with what the community wants for software features and one of the items is for iOS compatibility.

From looking around at the rest of the internet I have’t seen any good reviews of an iPad pro working well with water. Example here.

I think the Galaxy Tab Active2 or similar will be an interesting choice when we have mobile compatibility.

If you are really concerned with water ingress, then I think you are looking at a rugged/semi-rugged laptop or tablet solution. There are many manufacturers out there such as Panasonic, Dell, Getac, etc. I think Dell is the only you can buy off-the-shelf right now and customize how you want it.