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iPad and BlueROV2

Dear all,

We are at the very beginning of our BlueROV adventure. We are biologists and plan to use the BlueROV2 to explore deep coral reefs around our island. As just said, we are biologist and not engineers and this likely will create a few challenges for us, but hopefully we will progress slowly but surely…

My first question is if anybody is using the BlueROV2 with an iPad? Because most of our lab computers are Mac, it would be simpler to use an iPad, yet I don’t know if this would create significant issues or complications. So before ordering an “expensive” iPad, I would be happy to know if someone has feedback and/or suggestions on this.
In the field we don’t need a super high resolution, as the ROV at the moment will be used mainly for “checking” sites to be further studied in depth.

I am sorry if this question is redundant, I tried to find information on the forum first but could not catch much on iPad…

Thanks for any advises and best greetings from Japan.


P.S. Being in Japan, but not so at ease with Japanese, iPad provides the simplest option to get English OS (it is a real pain to order things abroad with University budgets here, and it is a pain to find English setups domestically). Handling the ROV might be a big enough adventure without adding language compatibility issues.

Hi Frederic, We only support Windows 10, Mac OSX, and Ubuntu 16.04 at the moment. Sorry.


Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer. Actually searching around I realised that probably the main issue of using an iPad would also be to attach the XBox controller. So for a start we will use an “old” Macbook that is unemployed and change as needed later on.



Yes Frederic, that’s precisely the area that needs work.