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BlueROV2 Software Feature Survey!

(Rusty) #1

The software that controls the BlueROV2 has grown tremendously since we launched in June 2016. That includes the ArduSub software on the Pixhawk, the Companion software on the Raspberry Pi, and the QGroundControl software that runs on the surface computer. It’s gotten easier to use and has quite a few features now.

We’re looking for your input on the future features of this software. We’ve put together a survey form with some commonly requested features to see where everyone’s priorities lie. There’s also space to suggest new features that aren’t on the list.

Complete the Software Feature Survey Here!

Please let us know what you think and feel free to discuss here as well! You’re also welcome to email us directly at support@bluerobotics.com with suggestions or feedback.

Sensors info on video and pictures
Ipad or laptop, what else?
(Etienne Demers) #2

Really awesome that you guys put this survey out. I hope you are getting a lot of responses.

(Rusty) #3

@Etienne - We’ve gotten a lot of good feedback. We’ll probably share some of the results eventually to show what people were interested in. We’ve shared our survey results in the past.

(Shuhei) #4

hi, can’t fill them out due to alert (says “you can’t select multiple answer in a row”).

(Jacob) #5

Hi @hub, this is because you can only select one answer in each row :upside_down_face:

(Shuhei) #6

Hi @jwalser

I’ll bet that it should be but I got the result as follows:

You will see the alert (says “you can’t select multiple answer in a row”) but in Japanese.

(Jacob) #7

Ok, it should mean that you can only select one answer in each column. You have to say which one is your favorite choice :slight_smile: