Introducing ROVsim2 BlueROV2

ROVsim2 BlueROV2 is specifically designed to demonstrate the features and ease of operation of the industry leading BlueROV2 ROV. Originally developed for Blue Robotics to use in tradeshows, it is now available for anyone to use and is an ideal tool to demonstrate the ROV’s operation when water access is either inconvenient or not possible.

More information: ROVsim BlueROV2 –


Hey @paul-unterweiser,

How much does it cost?

Is it a for life license?


Hi @luisgamez,

Thank you for your interest. A license for ROVsim2 BlueROV2 costs $750.00 USD and includes a license key to install the software on one computer and 90 days of technical support. Volume and school discounts are available.

Just a quick question, Does the simulator simulate a tether getting caught on something, because that could be a real problem while diving.

Yes it does. Although we’ve simplified some aspects of the simulator to make it easier to use, the underlying physics system is the same as what is used in our higher end simulators intended for ROV pilot schools.