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Interface GPS to ROV

i have purchased a NEO-M8N GPS module, after attaching it to pixhawk, i just run screen -r nmearx command on Raspberry pi’s terminal. but is gives a message " TCP not connected, waiting for video. UDP not connected, witing fo video"… can anyone help me

Hi @sudheeshk,

It sounds like you have the GPS connected directly to the Pixhawk, right? If that is the case, you need to check the parameters on the Pixhawk to set it up. Can you show how it is connected right now?

You need to set the SERIAL1_PROTOCOL parameter to GPS for whichever serial port you have the GPS attached to.

The nmearx process on the Raspberry Pi is meant for a special application where GPS data (NMEA format) is sent to the ROV from an external source like an underwater positioning system.


Thanks for your reply Rusty. as you said i have connected u-blox NEO-M8N-0-01 module directly to the GPS port of my pixhawk. is there any other parameter i need to change other than SERIAL1_PROTOCOL?