Integrating a Subsonus USBL into Ardusub

I’m looking for someone that could integrate a Subsonus USBL system for station keeping as well as pitch control with 4 vertical thrusters into Ardusub for my BlueROV2. If you’re interested in the work, or know someone who would be, I’d appreciate it.

Hello @gcelec,

This has already been done! You can send position to the ROV via NMEA on UDP port 27000. If the USBL software does not support it, there are some free programs that will transport the data from COM port to UDP network ports.

You can control roll and pitch with some different button functions. There is one to toggle a joystick between forward lateral/ and roll pitch trim control, and also buttons to increment the roll/pitch trim when pushed.


Thanks JacobQ That’s really helpful.

Jacob, can you clarify if the position is being sent to the UDP port on the vehicle’s Raspberry Pi, or to QGroundControl?

Can you use the velocity from the Subsonus if it’s better than the velocity from the Pixhawk?

It is sent to the raspberry pi @

We can use the velocity, but it is not implemented yet. What sentences does the subsonus output?

It’s configurable so you can output almost any NEMA string you like.