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Integrate another Fathom-X Interface Board for data transmission

Hi all,

Thanks for the forums. I’ve found the solution to send more data(e.g. sonar image) to Topside with another Fathom-X board. But my question is:

  1. Do I need another two boards? one in rov, the other in FXTI for another pair wires to transmit sonar image.
  2. Only need one board in rov, integrate with sonar.


You could replace the ROV Fathom-x board with this one https://blue-linked.com/online-store/ols/products/deps-mux which is a 2 port switch and also has a 24 volt power supply for the sonar.

Thanks for your suggestion. But our rov has another companion computer(Jetson Xavier NX), which connect brunch of sensors, stereo-cam(2 MP each, at least 20hz), Forward looking sonar, AHRS, DVL and running ROS. As MUX-2 board only using one twisted pair, which only has max 10MB/s. Our data string may overflow.

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Hi @gcelec, I found you designed a parallel battery management for rov. Could you send a link of it, we are planning to use two blue robotics batteries for our rov. Thanks.

Hi Lin,

Here is a link to the battery manager. They cost $195.

Hi @gcelec , if we keep plug in two batteries in the manager but all output, is that ok? We don’t want to open the hosing all the time to unplug the battery. Thanks.

Hi @linzhao, If you leave both batteries connected to the battery manager, they will draw a very small amount of current and eventually go flat.
We usually disconnect each of the batteries when the vehicle is not in use for more than 3 or 4 hours.