Installing new Processor PCB in Ping360

Hello there,

I had a water ingress in one of my sonar, so I bough a new PCB sonar processing board, but this one is apparently not booting normally (10Hz red flashing after 10min).

I tried the Eth connection, the usb connection, nothing works…

I was wondering myself if the board needs to be flashed or not before being used in the sonar ?

Any help will be much apreciated !

Regards !


Hi @BooD,

Our Ping360 PCBs should come pre-flashed with a relevant firmware, and there’s currently only one firmware available for it[1]. If you want you can try flashing that on with the latest version of Ping Viewer, but being able to flash Ping360 boards is new enough that we don’t yet have any documentation on how to do so.

If you haven’t already, I would recommend contacting our support team via the “Report a problem with a product” form on our contact page :slight_smile:

  1. We did recently add a new one with some improvements, but we had to remove it again because it had a bug in it that affected functionality - a revised version should hopefully be available soon. ↩︎