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Can't connect to ping360

I try to connect to ping360 via serial port both window and linux os. But software show “No devices detected”.

So I try to manual connection by selected to COM4 on windows os and ttyUSB0 on linux os. Then It not show data enything as picture below

How can I do for this problem?

I try to disassemble my ping360. It found that have a water inside. Can I buy only ping 360 pcb board?

Hi @pencilpen,

Sorry to hear your ping360 seems to have had a leak. I’d suggest you contact support@bluerobotics.com and link them to this thread, to discuss what happened and a potential refund or replacement if it was due to a manufacturing issue or similar on our side. We don’t have a direct sales option for just the PCB, but it might be possible to get one via the support team :slight_smile:

In saying that, having drained and dried out your existing ping360 electronics it might still be working - I’d suggest giving it a dab with some isopropyl alcohol on a cotton swab and seeing if it works when you connect it back up.

Would you also be able to check for delamination of the epoxy in the penetrator? It’s possible the leak is from the epoxy starting to come off the sides of the cable or the penetrator housing, in which case you’ll want to replace that before using it in the water again.

This is the first time I bought ping360 to use. I’ve never disassembly it before and put it to work. Maybe because I’m confident with the product that I just opened the box without checking before using it.

As you suggested, I have used isopropyl alcohol to clean it. But found that the results were worse than before. Because now it can’t find the serial port at all.

That does sound like it’s most likely broken, so I’d recommend you contact the support email I mentioned in my previous comment.

Thank you for you suggest. I just have send an e-mail to support@bluerobotics.com but no response.