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(Jacob) #21

I updated the forum settings. PDF is allowed now.


@jwalser The MANUAL for ADCP can be accessed here. WorkHorse Technical Manual_Nov07-dvl.pdf (5.4 MB)
And there is explanation for ADCP in Japanese. <a class=“attachment”
manual_B.pdf (2.0 MB)

(Jacob) #23

You are now a basic user; you may upload now.

(Kevin) #24

Sparton updated their portfolio with the INS-20. The company says its for GPS degraded or denied environments, so maybe short hops for us underwater until a DVL is available. No idea on pricing and the output data isn’t very specific.

(James Jackson) #25

Hey, just wanted to pitch in here (not really a part of the community, but found this page via google search - seems pretty awesome!) I’ve just integrated the INS output of the inertialsense EVB as a GPS sensor to the Pixhawk https://github.com/inertialsense/Firmware/tree/inertialsense. I haven’t done the IMU or replaced the internal estimator yet, though the inertialsense’s ins output is superior to the pixhawk.

It’s a really cool sensor (statically and thermally calibrated dual IMUs), and the dual magnetometers are robust to magnetic interference, so it might do okay while under water for short periods. I set it up so we could do RTK via QGroundControl, but I’m wondering if the integration would help you guys out at all.

External IMU with pixhawk
(Jacob) #26

Thanks dawg.

(Kevin) #27

@superjax08 Good stuff with your integration work! I saw on your docs that you have the uINS up and running with the PX4 Firmware. Do you have a time-frame or a roadmap of when it would be integrated into the main ArduPilot repository? I’d be interested in buying a unit and trying it once supported.

(James Jackson) #28

Probably not for at least another month or two here, but when I do I’ll definitely let you know!

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(Milos Seskar) #29

@jwalser you mentioned using an EKF through pixhawk, i’ve been trying to figure this out for some time but I am not quite sure how it works. Is there any chance you have some sample script I could test on the BlueROV2 or strong documentation I could try to follow? All the sources online are very vague in regards to implementation, and I’m essentially a half-step above clueless at control theory. Thanks