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External IMU with pixhawk

Hi all,

Keen to know if any have used an external IMU with pixhawk, rather than it’s onboard gear? If so which IMU and what interface, and were any code mods needed.



There is currently no support for this. This is the closest I have seen anyone come: IMU For AUV

I just found also: https://github.com/ArduPilot/ardupilot/issues/8211

Hi Jacob,

Thanks for your email - yeah, seems to be uncommon at the moment. I will look into those leads you found (they look similar to ones I located earlier but will check to see if any further progress has been made).

Just a further query, have you had any experience in potting motor windings for use in seawater?



Blue Robotics has motors designed for use in seawater. Check out the T100 and T200 thrusters in the store: bluerobotics.com