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Apm or Pixhawk for AUV?

(Adnan Sabbir) #1

I am Adnan Sabbir from Bangladesh. We are building our first AUV.
Actually, we are preparing for a competition. We need to complete a mission.
So, we are using a Jetson TK1 for the image processing.

Now my question is, which will be better as a beginner to control by AUV. We want to keep all the balancing and moving control to the microcontrollers like pixhawk or APM.
Our AUV have 8 thrusters. 4 for altitude and 4 for the movements.
The tk1 needs to send some x and y coordinates to the flight controller and the flight controller will move the AUV. We also need to all add OPENROV IMU/COMPASS/DEPTH MODULE to the flight controller.

Which one among Apm or Pixhawk will be better for us?

(Kevin) #2

@adnansabbir We definitely recommend the Pixhawk as the preferred autopilot board. The APM is pretty old hardware by now and I don’t even think the board will load the latest release (we don’t have any to test).

We use a Pixhawk 1 board in the BlueROV2, but I’ve tested the Pixhawk 2.1 with some modifications.

The Pixhawk has an IMU and compass onboard already. We have a temperature and depth sensor in our online store that you can simply plug in and will work out of the box: Bar30 High-Resolution 300m Depth/Pressure Sensor

I would also suggest looking at our ArduSub GitBook documentation to see how everything with our control system works and what the capabilities and limitations are.

(Adnan Sabbir) #3

Thank you kevin.
I also have Bar30 High-Resolution 300m Depth/Pressure Sensor in the list.
Do you have any compas sensor in your store ?

(Kevin) #4

There is already a compass on the Pixhawk board, there is no need for an external one. You just need to run through the calibration steps. The reference for the Pixhawk 1 hardware can be found here: Pixhawk 1 Flight Controller

(Adnan Sabbir) #5

Thank you,
That’s nice :slight_smile:

One more query -
Does Blue Robotics Sell only the Pixhawk ?
I saw it in Bundle in your website.

(Jacob) #6

Hi, I’m a bit late, but we have it here:

(Adnan Sabbir) #7

Thank you Jwalser,
Do you have this available now on your website?
Only the pixhawk.
Because I am ordering some thrusters and other components. I want to add it too in the list.

(Jacob) #8

Yes we do! Check the link that I provided.