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--- ı2c sensors ---

(Sena Koçak) #1

I am building an ROV and I want to use depth and temperature sensors. But there is just a ı2c port on autopilot.
Also does the Ardusub program run any sensor other than the Bluerobotics product? like this


(Rusty) #2

Hi Sena,

You can use a DF13 I2C splitter board to connect multiple I2C devices. You can also just splice the wires together but that’s more permanent.

Our libraries and ArduSub will support any board with the MS5837-30BA sensor including the one that you shared. Please be aware that the Pixhawk provides 5v on the I2C power line and the board you shared is not compatible with direct 5v power.


(Sena Koçak) #3

Hi Rusty,

But the product’s description says:
Communication: I2C IIC compatible level 3-5V

Also can we do extra servo control over Ardusub?

Thank you.

(Rusty) #4

Hi Sena, that might be right. I didn’t realize they had a bunch of components on the other side of the board. I can’t see the schematic, but it’s possible that it is 5v compatible.

(Sena Koçak) #5

Thank you. And last question :slight_smile: Also can we do extra servo control over Ardusub?

(Jacob) #6

It’s possible to control servos with ArduSub, you can use assign joystick buttons to control them.