Depth Sensor and Temperature

Is this also can measure temperature?

Yes, it can measure temperature and pressure.

Hi Jacob,
Can I access the temperature via Ardusub when I use any MS5837-30BA sensor?
like this:

Thank you.

Yes, it is in SCALED_PRESSURE2 message.


I use the bluerobotics BAR-30 sensor (buy from Bluerobotics), just in the pool at moment, and my sensor beginning to oscilate and now not work with pixhawk (not find the sensor). It’s possible that the sensor damage?

It’s possible use the sensor MS5803-14BA
with same Ardusub software?

My question to use MS5803-14BA is because this have in Brazil. For buy from Bluerobotics, the delivery time here is veeeeerryyyy long, and i need my rov work soon for make an inspetion on an vessel.